International B2B solutions

M2M international solutions

Many companies such as utilities, car manufacturers, device manufacturers or integrators are planning large-scale deployments of telematics applications.

They generally face several business problems when it comes to select a mobile network operator for the cellular connectivity:


  • Dependency:

Being able to change its supplier in the future is strategic for many reasons, but this can be difficult or simply impossible since it implies a physical replacement of all SIM cards already deployed


  • Coverage issue:

Relying on one single network is never as good as relying on a combination of several networks.


  • Lack of competitive global solutions:

Having several local agreements is an operational nightmare, and using roaming is expensive.


  • Low flexibility for provisioning:

Having to adapt to an operator’s specific framework and constraints may not fit the lifecycle requirements of the device, etc.


  • Little innovation and freedom:

Wanting to use innovative solution (such as using a SIM as an application security toolbox, USSD service or WiFi offload when possible) is not possible because Mobile Operators are looking for standard ‘one-fits-for-all’ solutions and because innovation goes sometimes against their own interest Services interruption and coverage issue

M2M connectivity

SIM OTA management to solve the logistic dilemma

OTA Management Transatel

In some cases, SIM cards are inserted or soldered at the early stage of the manufacturing process. At that stage, the final destination (hence the connectivity provider) of the machine may not be known. Dynamic IMSI management through OTA (also known as Soft SIM) enables to remotely change the SIM parameters so that:

  • Testing can be performed at the early stage of the manufacturing process
  • When the final country of the device is known, the SIM is updated so that connectivity is provided by the relevant connectivity provider

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