M2M supply chain solution

M2M Supply chain solution

This offer provides all the necessary tools to implement and customize a Supply Chain solution and to integrate it with existing enterprise IT systems

  • Application based on the scalable and flexible Numerex FAST®  service enablement platform
  • Connectivity with multiple GSM operators’ SIM cards to optimize coverage when coverage conditions are unknown, and to readily support monitoring of both fixed and mobile assets
  • Support for a broad range of M2M devices and wireless sensor technologies

machine to machine supply chain and logistics

Supply chain management capabilities and benefits include customized dashboards with real-time monitoring and analytics (dwell times, asset movement, patterns, cycle loop times, asset utilization, stock monitoring, tank levels…).

All tools can be accessed via a web-based management portal. The solution is fully customisable with the flexibility to address specific business requirements:

  • Asset Loss Reduction
  • Cap Ex Management
  • Labor and Transportation Management

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Use cases: Bin monitoring, waste asset management, asset tracking