At the service of medicine
Transatel participated in the first mass deployment of telehealth in France with Sefam. The company has commissioned SIM cards for medical programs treating sleep apnea. These cards are necessary of information reporting for a treatment followed by the patient.



Serving the “paperless” with the dematerialization of restaurant vouchers
Transatel programmed the SIM cards used by Resto Flash that allow paying for a meal via their smartphone. The system works as a QR code scanned by the restaurant owner. That way, restaurant vouchers can’t be lost or stolen.



Serving remote monitoring, triggering alarms and 24/24h and 7/7 assisted living customers.
Transatel provides a MVNO-M2M-solution used by FC TELECOM, it’s including SIM cards and services like SIM-management and consumption monitoring. FC TELECOM operates as a specialist in this market during 10 years with more than 200 customers and 66 million calls placed per month.