Transatel M2M Connectivity Management Platform selected by Orange Communications, Switzerland.

Orange Communications SA/AG has chosen Transatel’s innovative Machine to Machine (M2M) Connectivity Management Platform to support its new M2M offer.Transatel M2M Connectivity Management Platform is a cloud based solution, operating as an enabling gateway between the existing mobile operator network & system and M2M partners.

Faced with the growing demand for M2M services, Orange Communications needed to move away from its legacy system and adopt a bespoke solution fit to the new market.As a reminder, according to a recent study by GSMA, global M2M connections have reached 195 million in 2013 and are expected to reach 250 million in 2014. M2M, are revolutionizing the field of telecommunication with mobile network operators (MNO) set to be its key players. However, MNO’s legacy system often doesn’t comply with M2M challenges. In order to be a direct player, they need a middleware platform and that’s why Transatel has developed a dedicated solution that enables MNOs to face these challenges,” says Jacques Bonifay, CEO and cofounder of Transatel.

Transatel’s state-of-the-art M2M Connectivity Management platform establishes a link between the network and companies’ business processes, thereby providing real time visibility and control to the customer and considerably reduces time to market and cost for an MNO. “Transatel solution enabled us to reduce time to market while addressing key business challenges in M2M with flexibility in tariffs definitions, processes and features delivered to our customers” said Kasimir Schmid, Director MVNOs, Resellers and 3rd Party, Orange.

Orange M2M customers benefit from an online web interface to easily manage all their account information and control their SIM cards:

–       Fleet-oriented solution (simplified batch management through profile definition, shared bundles…)

–       Cost effective solution (automated SIM provisioning and life-cycle, OPEX based pricing…)

–       Customisable billing rules to support bespoke tariffs (contract management through Web Front End, multiple bundle structures, bespoke fee (one-off, SIM, bundle), airtime discount…)

–       Multiple interfaces (Operator facing portal, M2M customer facing portal, APIs for integration with 3rd party business applications…)

–       Scalable solution with high availability and resilience

Bertrand Salomon, Deputy CEO of Transatel said:

“Our M2M Connectivity Management solution, the leading European M2M platform for MNOs, is now operated by two major European players, Orange in Switzerland and EE in the UK, demonstrating our innovative capacities, our reliability, flexibility, and reactivity. This new collaboration demonstrates Transatel’s leading position on the M2M solution on the market.”

Paris September5th2014,

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